Many people are looking for a way to make extra money during their free time. One of the most effective ways to do this is by selling products for an already established business. This gives you a great way to sell a product that already has a customer base and will hopefully sell itself.

One company that does offer this type of business opportunity is The Greeting Cake Company. This company has been in business since 2004 and is located in Colorado. The concept behind the company is unique and there for sells just because there is really nothing like it on the market.

You will be offering people the opportunity to celebrate different occasions with a cake. These cakes are sent uncooked but fully decorated. The recipient then adds water to it and microwaves it for about 90 seconds and they have a cake that is commemorating their special occasion. There are a wide variety of sentiments to choose from, you can have several Happy Birthday designs, congratulations for new births and promotions or even a “thinking of you” cake.

In order to become and individual distributor of The Greeting Cake Company you will need to fill out an application and purchase one of the five starter kits they offer. The Paperwork Kit is all the paperwork you will need like order forms and catalogs and cost $15. The Basic Kit offers you six of their best sellers plus the paper work kit for $20. Then you have the Basic Plus Kit that gives you 12 cakes and the chocolate brownie and this kit’s cost is $35.

The Greeting Cake Company offers two more complete kits to choose from. There is a Premium Kit that offers 12 cakes, the chocolate brownie, one chocolate Yummy box and 15 of their Tri-folds for $50. The Ultimate Kit includes 24 cakes, the chocolate brownie, the Yummy box, 30 tri-folds, 5 flyers, and the option for a website and runs $125. They will add shipping costs to all your kits and they will not mail out you kit without a completed application, payment for the kit and a completed W-9 form.

You will purchase your products at a whole sale price which is discounted 35%-45%. You will then sell them to your customers at the retail cost. You must sell at least $10 worth of product each month in order to keep your account in good standings. You are not required to maintain any inventory. The company does pay out quarterly bonuses which range from 10% for sales of $1500-$2500, 15% for sales of $2501-$3500, and 20% for sales of $3501 and above.

You may sell the product online with your own website or they will help you set one up. It will cost you $20 for the initial setup and a $7.50 monthly service fee. You can also have a “cake link” added to your site for a setup charge of $20 and a $5 monthly charge, this link will take your customers directly to The Greeting Cake Company’s website for them to place an order. They will ship the order for you and with the cookies placed in the link you will receive credit for the sale.

The Greeting Cake Company also gives you an opportunity to earn extra commissions by recruiting other sponsored distributors. You will receive commissions of 5% for first line sales, 3% for second line sales, and 1% on third line sales.


Source by Brian Garvin


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