I don’t know how much toast you eat, or whether you even like toast, but I can be pretty certain you know what toast is, but again it might be possible that you don’t.

Toast has probably been around from the days that bread was baked, and people discovered that the bread went hard very quickly, but if they cut a slice from the loaf and using a fork or a stick, they held the bread against the flame of a fire, the white bread went brown. After turning it round both sides went brown, and not only did the bread have a different taste, it also tasted nice.

What probably followed was that someone discovered that spread with butter, and smeared with jam it was truly delicious. I often wonder who it was who found himself at a weekend with a pot of coffee in front of them, a pile of newspapers on the table, and toast, had found themselves in paradise.

Eggs, poached, scrambled or fried placed on a slice of toast and butter was lip smacking good, and then the raspberry or strawberry, but especially marmalade on toast and butter, newspaper spread out to read, nowhere to go but the pub for lunch possibly changed the face of society.

Everyone of course has their favourite way of making toast, from the barely brown to the almost charcoal black, and therein lies the problem. My wife likes her toast hardly brown, even cold, whereas for me the smell of toast smoke is redolent of my childhood, and I just love burnt toast, piping hot, butter melted and so much marmalade that the toast is merely a vehicle to get the marmalade to my mouth.

Thank goodness we are all different, but that in itself is a challenge which is to produce toast in such a way that everyone is satisfied. Toast making went from fires and toasting forks, to grills or as the Americans call it broilers. This of course is the only way to make cheeses on toast, or cheese and onion, cheeses and tomato on toast, because one side has to be cooked first before the cheese and topping is melted and slightly charred.

Today there are all kinds of toasters, and most of us has had experiences of extricating burnt toast bits from narrow red hot openings, of toasters even going on fire, and very irritatingly toasters becoming non functional just as we sit down to the celebrated Sunday breakfast.

An electric toaster that is a workhorse that is easy to use, and will year in year out continue to unfailingly produce consistent toast. There is such a toaster, and that is the Dualit range.

Recently converted we as a family have found the Dualit range of toaster, in our case the Dualit 3 Slice Toaster to provide the four of us with the kind of toast to go with our newspaper, marmalade, butter, and jam on a Sunday.

It may even have saved our marriage!!



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