Finally, the futuristic technology of 3D that made sci-fi movies so cool has found its way to video games through the Nintendo 3DS. In just a few weeks, this breakthrough is set to be released – to the excitement of millions of hardcore game fanatics. As with the past decades, Nintendo has made it again, coming out with never-before experienced 3D graphics courtesy of a handheld console. No doubt, Nintendo carves another notch in game history with this one, but the price of being part of it may lead you to contemplate on what your money’s worth. Is it a go or a no? Read on and get loaded on everything that’s important for that decision.

The Future In Your Hands

What could be a more awesome reason than getting the chance to enjoy your favorite games with graphics that look like it leap out of the screen sans the need for 3D glasses? Yes, that’s 3D for everyone. You and a friend can take turns playing and both see the same thing. The Nintendo 3DS is equipped with a couple of outer cameras that allow you take in images so clear, so larger-than-life, so 3D.

The Analog Pad

Nintendo puts on a new face when it comes to the controls by featuring the Circle Pad which is the analog pad. This one will be seen on the left side of the controls just above the D-pad. With this, you get to explore more areas in your game while still having the convenience of exact up-down navigation brought to you by the classic D-pad.

Crisp Image Quality

How about getting to play games such as Zelda, Mario, The Sims, Super Street Fighter and Metal Gear Solid with jaw-dropping resolution? The Nintendo 3DS gives out 800×240 pixels from the widescreen top while 320×240 pixels are projected from the LCD touch screen below. The top display is designed to project 400 pixels for each eye which then gives the 3D effect. Also, imagine that the Nintendo 3DS has the capacity to render images in an astounding number of over 16 million colors so you get to experience different worlds in astounding alive precision and vibrancies.

Go From DS To 3DS

Aside from the new 3D games coming up specially designed for the Nintendo 3DS, you can also enjoy your favorite games from the Nintendo DS. The Depth Slider found on the right side of the screen can be adjusted so you can choose whether to switch to traditional 2D gaming or immerse yourself in a 3D world. This means that you can also play your current DS games with the 3DS. Unfortunately, games cut out for the DS won’t be rendered in 3D when played on the 3DS. However, 2D game play won’t change much aside from the added convenience of the analog pad so you’ll still find playing your old DS games familiar.

Connect With Other 3DS Players

Another thing which makes the Nintendo 3DS so cool is that it has a feature called StreetPass with which you can choose to share your game data, including your scores and customized characters during Sleep mode. Aside from that, there is the SpotPass feature which allows you to download free software from Nintendo and play along with other Nintendo 3DS gamers around the world by connecting via the Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi connection.

So if you want to be part of the very first who’ll get the power of 3DS gaming in their hands, keep your eyes peeled for the latest and most important information on the Nintendo 3DS. Save yourself the hassle of shelling out for game magazines and going to game conferences just to get the latest news; it’s all here on this easy to access website.



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