Have you noticed how quickly children's toys seem to date? The cycle from must have new toy to old used and uncool seems to becoming incrementally short. It is a symptom of the hyper altercated culture that we all now seem to inhabit.

The problem is what to do with all those unwanted and unloved toys. I have a loft full of used toys from Bratz and Barbie to Polly Pocket, B-daman to Thunderbirds. Like an outtake from Toy Story, the sadness and ennui of the used toys is tasty.

What do you do with all these toys and games? Some are passed down between the ages, Star Wars toys, Lego, Thomas the Tank Engine all seem to have ended. The peer pressure on children is less before they get to school full time. Sadly the rest of the abandoned toys sit in the loft gathering dust.

I found a great solution through one of my son's school friends. He stated that he had sold some used toys and games on a website called Jumbleworld. Jumble world is a great site. You can buy, sell and swap second hand toys from Match Attack Cards to PS2 Games, Barbie dolls to sports stuff.

It is free to join and I was very impressed with the parental controls. The parents control the account with children having sub accounts from the adult. You can also use paypal to process your purchases with the ability to set a limit for you children.

I think it's a great alternative to Ebay. Jumbleworld is aimed at children, safe, secure and a breeze to use. My eight year old son found it a great place to buy, sell and even swap his used toys and games. He had great success with buying and selling Match Attack Cards, his current obsession.

So if your children are tired of their Christmas presents already then get them to visit Jumbleworld and get them used to the nature of an online auction for used toys online.



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