ZTE Axon M Z999 Unlocked GSM Smartphone w/ 20MP Camera and Foldable Dual Screens (for Multi-Tasking) - Carbon Black

ZTE Axon M Z999 Unlocked GSM Smartphone w/ 20MP Camera and Foldable Dual Screens (for Multi-Tasking) – Carbon Black

The market for Best Smartphone Themes For Kids is overwhelming. In addition to the variety in size, features, processing power and brands. There is also a great choice. When it comes to operating systems. There is Android, iOS and Windows. The good thing about all is that offer they offer a great level of customization. One major thing you can do is personalize the theme. You can customize the app drawer or home screen provided you have a launcher or a home screen replacement.

There is a great selection of Smartphone themes in the market and each of them varies in their appearance and performance. While a few only add a change in background design and color, others offer a complete makeover altering the icons and widgets too. You can choose the best combination for yourself.

Many parents today are handing out phones to their kids because they feel the need to be constantly in touch with them. They believe it adds a layer of security because parents can always know their children’s whereabouts either by calling them or tracking the cell phone. If your child has a phone of his own, you might want to choose a home screen that reflects their preferences and preferences. Themes for kids should be fun and colorful. It should reflect their age. Here are some of the options you could consider.

1. Fairy tale characters –

This one is a good option for girl children as they tend to identify them easily with female characters in fairytales. The most popular ones are Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel (Little Mermaid). In addition to themes created around a particular fairytale character. There are also many  use the setting as the background such as a castle or life underwater.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

2. Cartoon and Comic Characters –

Modern children have grown up watching television more than reading books. Here, they are more familiar with cartoon characters. There’s Winnie the Pooh, Noddy, Hello Kitty, Nora the Explorer, Telle-Tubbies, Nemo, Tom and Jerry and Doraemon. Although not a cartoon character, one of the latest to be added to the list is Angry Birds. It is not only a favorite among children but adults as well. We also can not forget superheroes like Batman, Spider man and Superman.

3. Favorite Actors and

Quiet Book 9 Themes - Ultra Soft Baby Books

Quiet Book 9 Themes – Ultra Soft Baby Books

Sports Personalities –

Children idolize actors and sports personalities. So, you could think of it has one of the options too. The Harry Potter movies were the most popular and Emma Watson and Harry Potter themes have recorded the most downloads.

4. Abstract Designs –

If your child is not very finicky about having fairy tale characters, cartoon characters or the likes, it would be better to choose colorful, abstract designs. They are simple yet attractive. If you scour the selection of smartphone themes online, you will come across some extremely creative designs created using varied geometric figures.

5. Cars –

Boys, as young as they may, often have a fetish for cars. Here, a smartphone theme with sleek and sporty cars in the background might make a good choice for your sunny boy.

6. Nature Themes –

Solid Wooden building blocks for toddlers - kids blocks to spark creativity, imagination.

Solid Wooden building blocks for toddlers – kids blocks to spark creativity, imagination.

Finally, you can use nature themes picking from a variety of sceneries such as sunrise, sunset, the night sky, autumn and the rains. In addition to this, you can pick a theme with an animal, insect, flower or fruit in the background.



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