If you are searching online for a comprehensive resource on repairing laptops, you may have come across a few laptop repair DVDs for sale. Some of these DVDs are pretty good learning materials. Unfortunately, there are some that fail to cater to beginners, those that are of terrible quality and others, which are downright scams. There are many great offers online, but these are counteracted by offers which lack value. Let’s get into the heart of those laptop repair DVDs which lack value.

There are those DVDs where the visual quality is all over the place. In most cases, this is because footage made by different people, has been stolen from various websites. After stealing enough videos, the fraudsters would make a compilation and claim it as their own, then put a price on it.

There are those repair DVDs which are simply too short and shallow. You don’t get good value with these. The people making them could teach a class, but none of the students will understand what is going on. These videos take things so fast, it is difficult to make any sense of it.

Some laptop repair DVDs are out to compromise your computer. What is supposed to be some comprehensive instructional videos, may turn out to be a disaster on a disc waiting to spread itself onto your computer. The malware material on the disc is most likely concealed, so you won’t know it is there until damage has been done. Some malware can encrypt your computer, thus denying you access. Usually a prompt comes up asking you to pay money through SMS (short message service) to regain full access to your computer.

It helps to be cautious, to avoid the traps set up by fraudsters. No one wants to lose money because they made a bad purchase.



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