Finding a college room lavished with kitchen equipment is scarce. Due to the limited space (and probably some policies from landlords), pantries in dorms barely even have enough tools to whip out a decent meal. And with colleges swarming with students who manage to survive with a single trusty burner and heater, an oven toaster is likely to fall at the bottom of must-have lists.

Yet the Bodum Flatbed toaster managed to change this pattern. There’s nothing really special about this appliance except that it managed to slice the quaint design of pop-up toasters that had never integrated any upgrade since 100 years ago. With more functions and ubiquitous purposes, it may just be the new apple of the eye for users with limited kitchen space and budget for purchasing equipment and paying the bills.

Here’s what the toaster can do: heat, toast, and defrost any kind of bread. But the design, as most reviews suggest, is more inclined to providing a cheery and nimble juvenile appeal – something that targets the youth. Be warned, then, that this is not so convenient for heavy bread eaters. Only one side of the bread can be toasted at a time and you might need to do couple of flips.

Bodum is then more akin to being a hotplate than a toaster per se. Still, the flatbed toaster can tout several marvels that still make it likeable by the youngsters. The 700 watts of toasting power finishes one side of the bread pretty quick, so breakfast preparation still wouldn’t be a callous time eater. Four breads can be toasted at the same time, and this is the standard number of slices that conventional toasters can accommodate. This would also lessen the amount of electricity used thereby shaving off electric bills.

Bodum Flatbed toaster can also toast all sorts of bread and not just loaf slices. Buns that cost a little cheaper can are now prepared for morning meals. This should be convenient to those who are living in countries with outlandish bread sizes and shapes.

Interesting enough, the very edge of that the Bodum flatbed toaster aimed to achieve became the very reason of user gripes. Given that the toaster does not come without a cover, it is not viable to place the toaster under cabinets or other fixtures.

But think about bulky pastries, muffins, and other baked goodies. As it is not a conventional toaster, it can also be versatile in cooking hoagies, hamburger buns, frying eggs or cooking bacon. This eliminates the need to buy frying pans and stoves.

The best part is it is sold at Amazon at mere $80 – half of the usual price of cutting edge toasters. It is not; after all, just a hunk of overpriced junk… and it is not surprising that it amassed four out of five stars.

Among the favorite features of users are its variable shade settings from 1 to 9, black silicone finish (keeps the skin from burning whenever you may accidentally touch the surface of the toaster), slide out crumb tray (keeping the mess away), defrost and reheat options (keeping breads amiable for fridge storage).

Users who are only eyeing toasts can scratch this product off from the buying list. But those who are in for convenience and consuming tasty non-conventional baked products then this might just be the best kitchen appliance by far.



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