Netbooks are quite a recent phenomenon as compared to laptops, otherwise known as notebooks. Laptops have been around for a while and anyone who has heard of computers knows what laptops are. There is no denying the fact that laptops are quite an essential part in your life. They are portable and yet pack quite a lot in terms of computing power. Whether you just want to casually surf the internet or make a business presentation, anything that a computer is capable of, your laptop will do that for you.

The scope of laptops is not limited to business use only. Students, other than those in higher education, are also using it. Children from as early as fifth grades know a lot about computers and actually use them to do their assignments. They use them to surf the internet, play games and chatting, among other stuff. Now that the credentials of the laptop have been reinstated, you need to ask yourself whether you really need a laptop or you can do well with its poor cousin, a netbook.

Difference between a Notebook and Netbook

A notebook is quite similar to a desktop in terms of the processor used and the applications you can run on it. They will generally have a webcam, disk drive and will be able to run all the latest programs. Netbooks on the other hand, are a basic form of laptops and can be used to perform basic functions like making a word document or presentation or surfing the internet. They would not have the latest processor installed and neither do they have a disk drive for you to play DVDs and other CDs. They are, quite importantly, way cheaper than laptops.

Do You Fit the Bill?

Anyone who needs a laptop for accomplishing basic functions will do well with a netbook. People who are writers, journalists or even from management backgrounds do not generally use the full capabilities of a laptop. Their needs would easily be satiated with just a netbook.

Look for Efficient After Sales Support

Speaking of netbooks, it is best you buy them from reputed brands. Brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Sony and Lenovo are among the top providers of quality netbooks. Moreover, you can be quite assured about the after sales service. In case you face a problem, you can call up Dell support or HP support or the customer care of the brand of your laptop and get solutions quickly and easily.



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