There can be various occasions when there arises the need to perform a Windows 7 clean install. Clean install simply means to install the Windows 7 on an unused partition on the computer’s hard drive. But sometimes you might find difficulty in performing the Windows 7 clean install because of the 0x80070057 error. This article will provide you technical support tips to resolve the error so that you can install Windows 7 in a hassle free manner.

A clean install of Windows 7 removes the existing Windows operating system, and then replaces it with a fresh copy of Windows 7. The best technique of performing the install is to wipe out your computer’s primary hard drive partition and then reinstall Windows 7 from the very scratch. People might require performing the install when they need to get rid of viruses, or when they are updating the computer’s operating system or when the OS gets corrupt. Thus, there can be various other reasons behind the need for clean installation.

In such a scenario, if the installation process gets stuck because of the error, then it is certainly irritating and anguishing.

The following technical support tips can help you in fixing the error.

Resolution for the error 0x80070057

To facilitate clean installation, it is important to resolve the error 0x80070057. The best computer support tip for troubleshooting this error is to delete the existing unused partition on your computer’s hard drive. If you don’t know how to perform the partition deleting, partition creation and formatting, then you continue reading the following online computer repair tips:

• First, insert the Windows 7 installation DVD

• Then start the installation

• Then, select your language preferences before setting the installation process

• Next, select the ‘Time’ and ‘Currency’ format

• Finally, select the Keyboard or input method options

• Then click ‘Next.’

• Next, click on ‘Install now.’

• On the next screen, you will view the Microsoft license agreement

• Here, click on ‘I accept the terms of license.’

• Then click ‘Next.’

• Click ‘Custom.’

• Now, select the ‘Disk 0 Partition 1.’

• Then click ‘Delete.’

• On the next prompt, click ‘OK.’

• Now, select ‘Disk 0 Partition 2.’

• Then click ‘Delete.’

• On the next prompt, click ‘OK.’

• Now, click ‘New.’

• On the next screen, select a size for the new partition disk.

• Then click ‘Apply.’

• If you leave the disk size to the default, then it will automatically pick up the maximum size of the disk.

• On the next prompt, click ‘OK.’

• Then, select ‘Disk 0 Partition 2.’

• And then click ‘Formatting.’

• On the next prompt, click ‘OK.’

• Wait for the formatting to get completed correctly.

• Now to continue further, click ‘Next.’


If you want to replace the older operating system with a fresh Windows 7 installation, then a clean install is certainly the best method. But error 0x80070057 may be an obstacle.

Once you perform the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you must try performing the Windows install once again. This time the installation must get accomplished without creating an error.

If the error still prevails, then it is advisable that you call an online tech support firm and seek professional computer support services. It is quite understandable that people go for clean install only when it is extremely requisite. In such a situation, no one likes to get banged by a silly error. The troubleshooting method mentioned above must help you in getting rid of the error, otherwise avail online computer support.



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