PCs nowadays are special items that the world could not survive a day without. It is considered as a necessity and many sectors in the society could just not live a day without the help of this electronic appliance. Since its first introduction in the 1980s, personal computers today whether in a form of a laptop or desktop have become more functional and powerful and versatile tool that have helped transform our world today and how we live our lives.

More and more households around the world now have PCs, thanks to the fast spread of technology and affordable prices of hardware and software, the advantageous function of this electronic appliance has been widely spread. Computers are also important components of IT or Information Technology and play a vital role in the economics around the world.

The worth and capabilities of this electronic equipment can be deeply enhance by having connections to the internet or the online world and even to smaller networks local area networks that links local computers together or in one database. This greatly help people to perform well on their jobs, collaborating on a task even when they are from different locations, and share documents and information easily.

With the help of this technology now anyone can balance their lives and multi task everyday, one can check his or her checkbook, keep track of finance investments, pay taxes, know local and international news, be entertained and preserve important documents like family documents for easy access.

PCs are also good for recreational activity, anyone can watch his or her favorite movies and videos, watch sports shows, play games and be entertained all at once just by clicking them mouse.

More and more models of this household and personal appliance have been introduced in the market for the past decades, and until today manufacturers still continue to produce more powerful and more sophisticated version of it as the demand for the new more productive models rise.



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