It is a known fact that PlayStation 3 games can be pretty expensive. The better the quality of the game, the costlier it is. In such a scenario damageing these expensive games because simple scratch can make you feel really stupid. Even a slight scratch can make these discs absolutely nonfunctional. Therefore, it is wise to make backup and burn copies of your PlayStation 3 games. It is true that PS3 game discs are copy protected. However, there is also a turn around to legally back up and burn copies of your PS3 games.

Read below to know exactly how.

PlayStation 3 game copying software programs are easily available on the Internet and in stores. You can take recommendations from friends or review sites to know the most reliable and widely used PS3 game copying software program. Reading a few forums or online discussion about a brand can be helpful. This will help you in finding personal opinions and takes on brands and the reliability of the websites from where you wish to download the program.

After you have downloaded and installed an appropriate brand of PS3 game copying software program you are all set. You just have to run the program and insert the original PS3 game disc in the computer. The program will automatically read the game and ask you to save it to a location of your preference. Once you save the game you have a backup ready.

Now all you need to do is insert a blank blue ray disc in your blue ray burner and burn as many copies of your PS3 games. Keeping back up copies of your games will save you from the trouble of buying the same game twice. This is the easiest and the fast way way you can make backup and burn copies of your PlayStation 3 games.



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