Once, having both a video surveillance system and a home alarm system meant double the cost and double the setup. Each system ran with separate devices, making it an extravagant form of security for the average homeowner, and one only used for the super wealthy or commercial businesses. Today, it’s easy to have both not only while at home, but while on the go. Combining the best of all worlds, some of today’s top surveillance alarms are truly making their way to the top of homeowner’s security wish lists. With the prices of technology ever shrinking, the mobility of security technology ever increasing, and the quality of the product for the price rapidly headed in a positive direction, there’s never been a better time to consider a video surveillance alarm.

With video surveillance alarms, you have 24 hour a day instant updates concerning any kind of security breech no matter where you are. That means 24 hour a day peace of mind for you, your property, your belongings, and of course your family. Such alarms use video images to detect motion and alert you of the potential danger. In the past, a video alarm could simply capture an image so as to help you track down the perpetrator after the damage was already done. These alarms work overtime to not only identify the thief, but catch him in the act.

Watch your property all day long with the help of remote video monitoring and camera control. Whether on a computer at the office or your iPhone, it’s easy to have your system linked to a private webpage or a secure program. Have your video home security system playing all day, or have it set to only show you an image when a suspicious movement has been detected. In addition, with some systems you can zoom, swivel and swerve the camera around to get just the right angle and check out what’s going on. Whether figuring out whose dog is digging in your trash or catching a vandal in the act, the practicality of keeping a watchful eye on your home at all times is invaluable and immediately obvious.

Even if not able to constantly watch your live streaming home security action, most systems today can be set up to record to a DVR for instant playback, long term image storage, and easy erasing of used images. Just like using a DVR on your cable or satellite television, today you can use it for better home security. Set up your system to record certain parts of the home or lawn throughout the day, and play back footage when you arrive home in the evening, or even only when you’ve noticed something’s gone wrong.

Today, home security video surveillance systems come in all shapes and sizes. They can include digital images, high definition video and sound, remote viewing and more. Such systems can even be installed hardwired or wireless. With all these ease there’s really no reason every homeowner can’t use the functional, convenient, affordable power of a video surveillance alarm system.



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