Electric toothbrushes are very commonly used these days to maintain the whiteness of your teeth and to keep it nice and bright always. It is the most effortless form of brushing where your brush does the major job giving your teeth just the required brushing needed. But do you think it is all safe and much better than the traditional way known to all? To your surprise the answer is certainly yes as these electric toothbrushes are highly recommended even by the dentists to protect your teeth from damaging and plaque formation. Just buying an electric toothbrush does not guarantee the recommended results. It is important to brush twice daily for at least two minutes per session. Apart from this, proper brushing techniques are to be followed with the right brushing strokes.

The first thing to do before you purchase one is to conduct a good research over the same product and collect real time reviews to finally end up with the right one. Here are some tips to help you shop for the appropriate product.

1. Battery-operated toothbrushes are not the same as electric toothbrush. The former is similar to manual toothbrushes and the only difference is that it works on AA battery for the vibratory motion to achieve superfluous cleaning and brightening of your teeth.

2. A real electric toothbrush is made available with a rechargeable unit that can be plugged onto the wall. The bristle head can be changed every three months or when it withers by keeping the handle and the unit intact. You can buy heads that are easily available in different shapes, colors and sizes pleasing your eyes. Sonic technology is the latest employed apart from the very common motions including rotation, oscillation and vibration.

3. Different modes are available depending on your requirements while you go for shopping electric toothbrushes. They include gum massage, sensitive teeth as well as whitening.

4. Several models are accessible like the one with pressure sensors that makes you recognize whether the brushing pattern practiced is hard on your teeth or not. On the other hand, you will find digital reminders in some of the models letting you know about the time to replace your bristles. You can also avail a few add-ons including travel chargers, caps or even holders on your purchase of the genuine one.

5. Even though the initial cost of your electric toothbrushes are quite higher than the manual ones, in the long run they serve you better as it is less likely to be replaced often.



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