Although most people own at least one, ask anyone what a credenza is and you will get either a blank stare, or, a multitude of different answers. The word 'credenza' originates in Italy during the mid 1600s and was used to describe the act of a servant tasting food and drink for the master to make sure it was not poisoned. In modern times, credenza is used to describe everything from a sideboard, a low storage cupboard, a TV stand, and even a piece of office furniture placed next to an office desk and used to hold a computer, printer, or even paperwork.

What all of these items of furniture have in common is that they are used for storage. An office credenza, as well as having office equipment and paraphernalia placed on top, frequently has file cabinets or storage units placed underneath. In a restaurant, a credenza is typically used to hold the place settings, napkins, water, water glasses, and cutlery for fresh table settings.

Even household credenzas, also known as sideboards, are used for storing glass wear, cutlery, plates, and dishes, thought typically this is where the 'best' or 'fancy' items would be stored. TV credenzas usually store DVD machines, DVD, auxiliary equipment such as cable / satellite boxes. They are also frequently used as a catch-all for equipment manuals and telephone books.

A credenza is a valuable and much used piece of furniture in any office or home. Regardless of your taste in furniture and your lifestyle, there are so many different designs available that you will still find plenty of choice. If you are just starting building a home, a credenza is so versatile that it can serve many uses as you put your favorite furniture together over time.

As well as the uses mentioned above, a credenza can be used as a table, a bookcase, a kitchen work surface, and a place to store your clothes. Its use is endless and you will always come up with new ideas so that it will be re-invented over and over again.



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