GPS tracking systems are commonly used for tracking the whereabouts of a vehicle, and are commonly used for a variety of purposes, both professional and personal. In the corporate world, companies often use these tracking devices to prevent the misuse of company vehicles by employees. Such devices generally allow employers to track exactly where employees are going, how long they stop at a given place, and at what speed they are traveling. Parents of teens often use GPS systems in order to obtain the same information, so that they can monitor the whereabouts and safety of teen drivers. If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, a discreet mini GPS tracking device can let you know exactly where they are going, and when.

It is important to realize that there are two different types of GPS tracking systems. Passive GPS tracking systems, also known as historical data loggers, are an economic way to track vehicle activity. Passive data logger systems do not require the user to pay a monthly subscription fee because the results are not reported in real-time, but they are stored in the device for the user to review at a later time. Passive GPS vehicle trackers are a great way to track vehicles or mobile assets. While features can vary from model to model, a good GPS data logger will generally record where the vehicle traveled, and will accurately record travel activities such as the exact date and time of stops, vehicle speed, and location. The user will learn where a vehicle went, how long it was parked, and how fast it was traveling at any given time. To retrieve this information, the GPS user generally downloads the data to their PC via a USB data port.

The second type of GPS tracking is known as real-time GPS tracking. Real-time GPS tracking systems generally utilize cellular wireless or satellite communication, allowing the user to receive real-time information on the location of a vehicle.

For this reason, monthly subscription fees are usually involved with this type of tracking program, making it more expensive to use than a passive GPS tracking system. A real-time GPS system is ideal if you need to know the immediate whereabouts of a vehicle or person at any given time.

Some models such as the Sleuth Gear Quick Track Pro even allows for two-way audio communication between you and the vehicle driver. This is an ideal model when you wish to communicate with workers or with an elderly or teen driver, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you need a powerful fleet management tool for company vehicles or just need to know where your teen is up to when they go out with friends, there are many models and price ranges of GPS tracking units available at online stores such as CIA Spy Gadgets to fit your individual needs.



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