Home media enthusiasts are loading up with 3D-capable devices only to find that their current HDMI cables or extenders do not support 3D. This really puts a damper on the first night of 3D entertainment watching your new high-definition television set without its 3D capabilities. The answer to the problem is to replace the standard HDMI splitter with one that supports transmitting 3D signals.

This splitter is sometimes referred to as a HDMI distribution amplifier. It boosts the transmission of high-definition signals over HDMI cables or inexpensive Cat5 / Cat6 cable. Additionally, it sends the signal over a longer distance without degrading the signal. With the advent of 3D video, new HDMI splitters were developed to accommodate the new definition.

The value of an this type splitter is splendid as it allows viewers to enjoy video or broadcasts in areas distant and separate from the receiver unit or DVD players. For example, a sports bar can have multiple HDTV displays available in different areas or rooms without duplicating devices at each location. Similarly, you can place your HD TV sets in rooms away from the receivers without duplicating equipment.

When you use an HDMI distribution amplifier or splitter you connect the displays to the splitter. These video splitters are available with 2, 4, and 8-port connections. They provide superb video quality while eliminating the configuration hassle and cost associated with adding multiple video recorders or similar appliances.

This splitter breaks up an audio / video transmission into two or more feeds. Let’s say you have a HDTV, cable or satellite receiver and a Blue-Ray DVD player and you have a HDTV in one room and a standard HDTV in another room. So you want to be able to watch Bikini Beach Babes Issue # 1 in 3D in one room, but want people in the other room to be able to enjoy the movie sans 3D. No problem.

Just connect your displays and the Blue-Ray DVD player to a 2, 4, or 8 port HDMI distribution amplifier and everyone can watch the movie without image degradation, flickers or ghosting. The transmission is handled smoothly by the HDMI splitter. Professionals in the stage, theater and signage industries will love these devices, too. With no downtime or signal degradation, the HD splitter enables stunning resolutions up to 4K x 2K, 3D support and bandwidth up to 10.2 Gbps. If you just purchased a 3D-capable HDTV, then plan on adding a 3D compliant HDMI Splitter.



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