Are you an antique lover? I love nostalgia and enjoy restoring old radios. But when it comes to Laptops, a laptop is too old when you have to crank it up, or when the laptop is as big as your desktop. Yes you can buy too old of a used laptop folks. Even if buying a used laptop, is not exactly going green, it is saving the environment from using more resources to make newer ones.

Remember, the laptop industry and the software industry sleep together. The sole purpose for both entities is to make money, and what easier way to make money than make that software or hardware obsolete within a few years of distribution. One of the great things about buying an Apple computer is that the new OS and software can still be used on older computers. But not all of the motives of the laptop and software industry is a conspiracy. Sometimes technology is just moving that fast, and they want use to have the conveniences of it! Right! 😉

To be sure that you don’t get caught between the middle of some of the obsolete software and hardware, you only need to know a few things. If you try and stick with the top of the line models you will probably be ahead of the games. The top models tend to have all the bells and whistles and the latest software and hardware. When I’m shopping for my used computers or a used laptop for sale. I try and stay only one operating system behind the latest out there.

Right now the latest operating system out is Windows Vista, so you are safe purchasing Windows XP. If you later decide that you want to upgrade to XP, you will have no problems doing so. This concept works the same way with software. If the computer you purchase has Office 2003, you’re fine because you only need to download the patches from Microsoft to make it compatible with Office 2007. If you’re a student you’re in luck. Students get to purchase Office 2007 for a fraction of the true cost.

If you look at technology in terms of how fast your laptop is changing, if you blink your eye you will miss something. So do not spend your hard earned money trying to keep up with Bill Gates, because you will only be making him richer and yourself poorer. Instead save yourself some money and find a good used laptop for sale.



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