Are you really interested in customizing the text of “start” button which is situated at your taskbar? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Just do it! But is it really as easy as stated above. Well, the answer is of course! In order to complete this task, then only thing that you need is special utility software named as “resource hacker”.

Once you are ready with this software, just install it and follow the given steps:

1. Open the file named as explorer.exe from the windows installation folder (usually C:Windows)

2. As soon as you open this file, the left part of this software shows you some hierarchical folders.

3. Just find browse through the folders

String table<37.

4. Once you are up with this process, it’s time to browse this folder further. Here you will discover a tab captioned as “1033”. Just click on it.

5. The right hand side part of the Resource Hacker will show you some prolific text. But the only thing that you need to do is, just find out the text “start”. Now, when you have discovered this text, what are you waiting for? Just replace it, with your desired text.

6. Now, just click on the button named as “compile script”. And you are ready to go with your new customized application. Here, the fact, that you should consider upon is that you are about to replace the current “explorer.exe” application.

7. So, just save this application as “explorer1.exe” in the default windows folder.

8. Now, just open the run command or command prompt and type the “regedit.exe” command.

9. The window that emerges in front of you is the registry editor for Windows. Just browse through the folders

HKEY_LOCAL_NACHINE<SOFTWARE<Microsoft<Windows NT <Current Version< "Winlogon".

10. While clicking on the Winlogon, you will come across the field named as “Shell”. Just click on this field and change its value from “explorer.exe” to “explorer1.exe”.

11. Now, restart you computer and you will discover your desired text on the taskbar instead of traditional “start”.



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