Nowadays, people are careful about how they locate appliances in their kitchens. This is related to the issue on kitchen space and the importance of the continuity of your movements when you are working in your kitchen. They come up with the solution that toaster ovens can be mounted under their cabinets. Besides the fact that it makes kitchen activities easier, it also adds beauty to their kitchen interior and organizes it.

Before you start thinking about installing undercabinet toaster ovens, make sure that the one you purchase is well trusted especially when it concerns safety of the kitchen. Mounting it under your cabinet will then come next. This guide will assist you in doing it.

Unpack all the contents of your newly bought undercabinet toaster oven's installation kit. You have to make sure that everything is complete – the mounting washers, spacers, and even each screw should all be there. The template is very important too. The template is the pattern where you will base the installation.

A great consideration is required in choosing the area where you will put your oven. To even lessen the clutter on your workspace, look for an area next to or as close to an electric outlet as possible. Also avoid areas above your kitchen sink and kitchen appliances. More importantly, make sure that the location you choose has a flat bottom.

Once you have chosen the right location, remove the deflector of the toaster oven by pulling it slightly forward on the hood. The front hooks and the hooks at the rear will be released. Second, place the mounting template at the bottom part of the cabinet and align it with the template. Secure the location as well as the screw holes. Third, using a inch inch drill, drill the 4 holes spotted on the template from under the cabinet. Remove the template and clean all the dust from the drilling. Put the washer in the cabinet and align it over the four holes. Next, make sure the hood is in place and align the front part to the front edge of your cabinet.

The holes on the cabinet that you drilled should also be aligned with the holes on the hood. Secure the screws down the holes and make sure that you tighten them. This is very important because the toaster oven must be stable all through. Tightening and making sure that it is secure will avoid it from shaking and moving when you use it. After securing the hood, you can now lift your oven. Engage the rear hooks followed by the front hooks. Lastly, place your toaster oven on the hood and clean the interiors and the exteriors of the oven. All that's left is to plug in your toaster so you can start enjoying it.

Installing your undercabinet toaster oven will take time but it will surely be worth it. Do not worry because the instruction manual that comes with the oven is very helpful. You also have the option of calling a professional to do the job for you. Having your toaster oven mounted will definitely delight you in every way you can imagine.



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