Table tennis is a real fun game to play with for all the people. It does not really matter where you are going to play it, be it on the beach, in your backyard or in your recreation room. But if you want to get pleasure from this game, you should first complete one precondition – when you are buying a table, you should make sure that you choose the right one.

Here are the most important tips for purchasing a table tennis table:

There are two main types of ping pong tables – fixed and portable. To pick up the type that meets your need you need to decide the main purpose before make your order. Fixed ping pong tables are with a permanent set up, while portable tables are on the contrary where they can be moved and they can be easily packed and put back for storage.

To ease your setup if you play the game very often, you can go for a fold-up model with rollers for smooth movement. There is a special roller table tennis table that comes with brakes on the wheels. The main function of these wheels is to stop the table Moving around when in use.

However, if your house already have a pool table and there is no more room for you to place another table, yet you still wish to play ping pong, then you should think of getting a table tennis conversion top.

A table tennis conversion top is only come with the table surface without skeleton and legs where you can just place it on your pool table. Once it is fit, you can start play the game right away.

What about the thickness of the table tennis table?

If you want to get a high quality ping pong table top that will correspond to all the requirements it is necessary to buy a table with the standard thickness that should be 3/4 "or more. tables, so you can find tables with thickness of 1/2 "or 5/8". However, you may face certain difficulties with these types of table tops.

Material of the ping pong table top plays an important role. There are regular particle boards and top surface of the tables that are made of resin material. It is worth mentioning that resin material which offers higher resistance to warping as compared to the regular particle board.

Proper finishing of the ping pong table top is one of the most essential conditions for a good quality product. It must be smooth, without any patches or rough spots. Examine carefully table surface from all sides and look for any bends or deformations which can affect the bounce of the ball. As a rule, standard ball should bounce about 23cm being dropped on it from a height of 30cm.

Characteristics of the ping pong table frame

The durability of a ping pong table top significantly depends on the structure of the frame. A table that has many connecting points within the chassis gives better durability if it has thinner bracing.

Typically, you should check out whether the connecting points are placed in the right places or not. Higher quality connecting points placed in the optimum places are characterized by longer durability.



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