Water is the most precious resources needed by all living things on earth. It supplies the everyday needs of plants and animals, and human being solely depend almost all in its daily activities.

In other words, water is the elixir of man’s existence in this universe. Therefore, we should do our best to protect it from being polluted in order to give life to all living things that depends form it.

Causes of water pollution

There are so many causes why our water is polluted through the following channels;

1. Illegal human activities. Indiscriminate disposal of waste materials from houses thrown to the river banks, seas, and lakes greatly affects the quality of our water source. This also includes some leaks from oil depot and chemical containers, discharging of trade effluent into water drains, extraction of water from ground water, use of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides by farmers.

2. Dumping of litters. Some waste litters like Styrofoam, plastics, aluminum, glasses into the ocean and water ways. According to study, it takes a very long time to decompose of the following items; Styrofoam 80 years, plastic packaging 400 years, ordinary foam 50 years and aluminum 200 years.

3. Nuclear waste, atmospheric deposition, and underground storage leakages are some of the other causes of water pollution.

Ways to avoid water pollution

1. Avoid littering chemical effluents into river, lakes and ocean. In some third world countries, washing clothes is common in rivers and lakes. The spills brought about by detergent soaps causes water pollution. Furthermore, don’t throw harmful chemical waste into the water sources.

2. Apply organic farming. Farmers must adapt organic planting of agriculture products. Through organic farming, the use of synthetic chemicals are avoided, since all the ingredients and materials like compost and naturally produced by nature without the intervention chemicals.

3. Establish a compost area. A great way to reduce your garbage, dispose of yard clippings and grass cuttings make a wonderful rich organic product for garden soil. All your garbage wastes goes directly to your compose bin thus minimizing unnecessary litters around your area.

4. Use non-toxic cleaning materials. Always use non-toxic cleaning materials for all kitchen utensils and other household cleaning items for your appliances and sala sets like toiletries and soap-based cleaning products.

There are other preventive measures you can apply to avoid water pollution, though simple as it can be could also contribute for the benefit of the populace. By turning your faucet while brushing your teeth or washing your face is a great way you can share to reduce water shortage and reduces pollutants that gets into your sewage system.



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