Whenever importing household goods for your retirement in Thailand, always remember that only second-hand or used merchandises may be shipped in without paying the required taxes and duties.

Thus, under Thailand law, brand new household goods shipped inside the country will definitely be subjected to the necessary taxes and tariff provided by Thai law.

In order to be exempt from said taxes, the Thai law requires that said used household items being transported from another country and into Thailand was used by the importers themselves at their former country of residence. The law also provides that the origin of the shipment be the same as the origin of the importer.

Goods must arrive within six months to Thailand

The importers must also take into consideration the fact that the said goods or personal items are not allowed to be shipped before the arrival of the Thai retirement visa holders, nor six months after arrival of said importers.

In the case of used electrical machines or appliances like air conditioners, television sets or microwave ovens, the import of these electrical devices shall be limited to one unit only. Thus, if the importer brings in more than one unit, then the excess shall be subjected to Thai taxes and duties.

There is however, an exception. If the importer is a whole family planning on changing residence and living in the Kingdom of Thailand permanently, they will be given the privilege of bringing into the country two (2) units of each item.

Certain items may not be important into Thailand such as narcotics or drugs, firearms, plants, and pornographic material. It is strongly recommended not to import vehicles due to the complex process needed to clear Thai Customs as well as environmental clearances. It is simply best to purchase a right hand drive vehicle in Thailand after you arrive.

Documents Needed for Thai Customs

You will need your passport, retirement visa for Thailand, inventory list showing the brand name, model & serial numbers, and your shipping documents. It will be helpful to have the original sales receipt of all the electronics items. When the shipment arrives the Thai Custom official will ask to see your original passport. Typically the shipping company that you use will coordinate with the Thai Customs officials in clearing your household goods through the customs process.



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