If you’re in a long distance relationship, phone sex might be the best way to keep the home fires burning! Talking dirty on the phone can become an essential part of your relationship, and for good reason – a couple who doesn’t have a sexual life or attraction between them is sure to go downhill soon enough. Keep your relationship strong by honing your dirty talk skills.

Be sure to listen. Don’t just assume your partner is talking about the same old things. Pay attention to the hints he drops in the heat of passion. Listen to his breathing, and what comments from you make it speed up. Pay attention to the background noise – if you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear what he’s doing over there! If he’s not responding to your attempts, try another angle.

Tell him your fantasies. Paint pictures in his mind. Good dirty talk should enable your partner to lie back, close his eyes, and see the action unfold in his head. Tell him a story with a lot of dirty, naughty words. Don’t hide your own arousal when you talk about what turns you on. Since he can’t see you or feel you, your voice is all he has – so make it count. If you’re breathing too heavily to talk in a coherent sentence, he’s probably going to love listening!

Don’t allow distractions. Turn off call waiting on your phone. Turn off the television and the radio. Lock the doors and if you are in a place where outside noise might interfere – beside a window, for instance – get to a quieter location. You want your lover to notice you and only you.

Don’t fake it. Phone sex professionals have a whole list of ways to fake their actions, from using an electric toothbrush to mimic the sound of a vibrator to doing dishes while they are supposed to be languishing in the bathtub. That’s fine for someone who doesn’t have an emotional connection to what they are doing – but if you are having phone sex with your partner, you want to give more honesty than that. Don’t pretend to be doing something you aren’t, and don’t ask your partner to believe it.

Enjoy yourself. So many people get caught up in what they are going to say next that they forget to simply relax and let things happen. Enjoy yourself! Just like being together in bed, you are going to fumble from time to time, and you’re going to do silly things. Being able to laugh at yourself is an essential part of phone sex, so don’t hesitate to chuckle a bit when something goes wrong. Sex is supposed to be fun – even if it’s over the phone!



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