With the advancement of technology, filing bankruptcy online has been made easy. There are several processing services to choose from on the Internet which will save you time, money and effort. This is a great leap from traditional method of applying for bankruptcy. A few decades ago, people had to go to the court where they had to join the throng of people to apply for bankruptcy. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can now file bankruptcy online.

You don’t even have to get the services of a bankruptcy lawyer as long as you are aware of the legal requirements involved with filing bankruptcy and what are forms are needed for filing and submission. One of the important things you need to consider before you file bankruptcy online is the proper preparation of documents. Bankruptcy lawyers tend to refuse signing some documents because they want to avoid being liable in the court of the law for these documents. If you decide to file bankruptcy online, be extra careful with your documentation. As much as possible, avoid any mistakes as they will affect your application down the line.

Once you have prepared and filled out the forms, you can email them online. The forms will be evaluated by expert professionals and if they see any issue, you will be kept in the loop. If everything is good, you will be sent the final copy of the court petition and they will file it on your behalf once you have approved it. With this process, you are spared from the complicated proceedings.

Remember that at some point, you need to present yourself before the court. This is one thing that you can’t avoid. You will be asked to be around in a meeting called ‘341-creditor meeting’ where you will have an idea what will happen. This is particularly the case when you decide to file bankruptcy alone. Even if you get a lawyer to represent you, you are still required to present yourself.

You must also be wondering about the cost of filing bankruptcy online. Some bankruptcy forms processing services require you to pay a certain amount, but the fees are pretty much minimal. Costs vary depending upon the type of filing process you have decided to choose. Normally, it can cost you around two hundred dollars tops when you choose to file bankruptcy online for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Some cases may be more complex and if you feel that you can’t confidently defend your bankruptcy claims, you should hire a bankruptcy attorney.



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