If you have been searching for a toaster oven to purchase, then the odds are that you have come across a number of Hamilton Beach Toaster ovens. Hamilton Beach has been taken the market by storm with the high quality appliances for the past few years. However they have furthered the name of the company by introducing their counter top Hamilton Beach 31197 toaster oven.

The size of the oven itself is an added feature, plus its ability to do rotisserie is some of the reasons why the Hamilton Beach 31197 oven is a giant in the market. This is so because this toaster oven required a little or no energy to clean and the same can be said for the cooking process when using the Hamilton Beach toaster oven.

It is a known fact that every care giver gifts a vast amount of time daily in the kitchen just to ensure that their family's bellies are full. However the cleaning process afterwards is where all the nightmares begin, and this is where the Hamilton Beach 31197 counter top oven is considered a cut above the rest. This is because this machine provides an easy way to eliminate the long hours spent in the kitchen and also the amount of cleaning that is required afterwards. This is a reward to you the person who would normally live in the kitchen can now spend this time socializing with the family.

Features of the Hamilton Beach 31197 countertop oven with Rotisserie and convection:

– It is not too big and has the ability to broil, convection cooking, bake and the known fact that it can do rotisserie

– It has a stay-on option and as a timer capable of one hundred and twenty minutes

– It has an adjustable temperature that can go as high as five hundred degrees

– The cleaning process is very simple

– It has a one year warranty

– It is able to cook a chicken that weights five pounds and can also cook two twelve-inch pizzas

– It includes 2 racks for cooking, 1 broiler rack, 2 baking pans, rotisserie skewers and rotisserie lifters

– Twenty one by eighteen by fifteen and a half of an inch are the dimensions of the oven

This toaster is not like anything that you have ever encountered as this is a powerful, full size simplistic kitchen appliance that has the ability to prepare a complete meal from scratch or with assistance of convenient foods. The original toaster oven also has a two or four slice toaster on the top for toasting your favorite bread.



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