Known for its beautiful picture and sharp 3D elements, the Panasonic Neo Plasma TV is one of the more popular models in the Panasonic line. Panasonic has gone out of its way to explain the advantages of plasma over LCD for 3D viewing and this particular model goes a long way to prove their point.

With no signs of ghosting or crosstalk which can dull or distract 3D images that have been seen on other TVs, the Panasonic Neo Plasma provides a full, rich experience that features crisp picture quality and the full, in-depth color that plasma TVs are known. With the advances made in enhancing the 3D experience, this version also delivers high quality 2D television as well.

One area that the Panasonic Neo Plasma TV has made considerable advancements is the power consumption. Plasmas are notorious users of electricity, especially over their LCD counterparts. However, this new Panasonic version has been designed to use less overall power and yet provide a clear, sharp picture when compared to similar models from rival companies.

Power consumption aside, many people have shunned purchasing a plasma TV for a variety of other reasons as well. Most prominent is the belief that the plasma elements burn out relatively quickly.

Plasma TV Burnout

Plasma TVs were once famous for only lasting a few thousand hours before having to be ditched in the trash. Their high burnout rate along with the energy consumption was enough to turn away many people from purchasing plasma TVs back in the early 2000’s. But that has all changed with advancements in plasma technology, particularly with the Panasonic Neo Plasma TVs.

Today, a typical plasma TV will last as long as an LCD model, which typically reach 100,000 hours or more of viewing. However, there is one technique you can use which can extend the life of your plasma TV even more.

How to Keep Picture Quality

The most common reason plasma screens burn out is that the brightness is set too high. The lower the brightness setting, the less energy the TV is using and the longer the plasma elements last. So you want to darken the room as much as possible when watching TV. There are a number of steps you can take in order to help darken the room and thus lower the brightness.

– Close the drapes or curtains to cut down on the ambient light.

– Do not have lamps directly in front of the TV.

– Place darker shades on the lamps in the room.

– Make sure to place the TV in an area where there is no direct sunlight.

You can however add a backlight to help illuminate the room without having to boost the brightness gain on your TV. Keeping your Panasonic Neo Plasma TV at roughly 50% brightness can lengthen the life of the plasma elements considerably. Before setting your screen at a higher brightness, you should do everything possible to curtail the ambient light in the room first. Excessive sunlight can discolor the back portion of the TV while possibly damaging the screen. Also, keep the contrast level below 75% to keep the phosphorus elements from burning too hot as well.

For watching movies or online streaming, do not place the screen on pause for an extended period since the image can burn in the screen and cause permanent damage.

Panasonic plasma screen televisions should be treated as an investment. The focus should not be on finding the cheapest TV but finding a quality plasma screen with high customer ratings. The more expensive varieties are the ones that will last the longest, but consumers will still need to conduct a little research to avoid being ripped off. Buying the most expensive Panasonic Neo Plasma TV should not always be the answer; there are some quality plasma screen TVs that are being sold for decent pricing. Part of securing a longer lifespan of a plasma television also requires maintenance and understanding of how it works. If want to find a long-lasting Panasonic Neo Plasma TV then research the company Panasonic and read through the consumer ratings to get a sense of the quality. Online reviewers are the most honest, instead of generic reviews that try to promote a product no matter how good or bad it may be. Try finding places where consumers leave quick little comments to get an idea of any product like Amazon.com.

Overall, the Panasonic Neo Plasma TV delivers full, clear and razor sharp images that will last as long as a regular LCD TV if you can keep the brightness down to manageable levels.



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