When trying to make any object fly one needs to employ the sciences of physics and aerodynamics and it sure pays to know a little about engineering as well. When looking at building the first flying skateboard which would be fully controllable by the rider just like a high-tech skateboard we looked to our Online Think Tank for answers.

Indeed in doing so there seemed to be a few schools of thought looking at solving the problem. At first we noticed that there were two basic mindsets in Hovering that are currently dividing the camps.

  • Old School blowing low pressure underneath like a hover craft.
  • Use of the “Coanda Effect” the type of airflows helicopters use amongst other techniques to get them to fly.

After discussing this a while several folks considered anti-gravity devices through frequency manipulations. Others came up with turbulent eddie flows to pull the board and rider up like a Tornadic Cell sucks in trailers at a trailer park.

One gentleman came up with an idea to use a combination of Deflection Lift, Coanda Effect, Low Pressure and air thickening by way of molecular alignment of air molecules by way of ionization directional frequency strategies. He said he believed that this was the answer now. Indeed when asked more about this we got into heavy physics and he had many theories on this including one he called “Banana Peel Propulsion” which is quite interesting.

Indeed perhaps a combination of strategies is inline with realization of flying skateboards, after all they need to lift a lot of weight considering their size and move it along very rapidly if they are to be any fun and excite the rider; allowing them to do new tricks and keep the crowd on their feet. Flying skateboards are on their way and they are coming fast, jump on!



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