Monster Hunter Freedom Unite by Capcom is one of the coolest PSP games ever. In essence, the game is about hunting down various monsters in order to pawn their loot and sell these for resources. Some monsters you can hunt alone, but others will require you to team up with a maximum of 3 other players through the PSP's Bluetooth capabilities.

The scope of the latest version of Monster Hunter is massive. The game's creators say this game alone can provide you up to 500 hours of gameplay. That's like around 7 times the length it takes to complete long role playing games. Aside from the long amount of time it will take you to complete the game, character customization is massive with thousand so weapons and armors you can equip your character with.

When you are playing alone, you now have an AI ally with you who can help you battle monsters and collect resources more easily. Still, nothing beats the joy and exhilaration of playing this game with fellow monster hunter family members and friends. Loading time has been a problem for this game in the past, but a new option to save your game to a usb stick will quicken loading times by a significant degree.

So, you can enjoy your game without having to stop every time something loads. If you played previous versions of this game, you can upload your character data from the previous version into this one, so all your hard work will not go to waste. If you want to experience the joy of hunting monsters with your friends then you should definitely get a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite by Capcom.



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