Are you stuck on which brand of TV to sink your hard-earned money on? Well, I’ve been there too, along with many friends and relatives. Not only will you find thousands and thousands of different sizes and models available, the prices will range a whole lot as well.

We all loaded up one day and went to our local Best Buy electronics store only to realize by talking with another person shopping their, that the best bet would buy a new television online.

The first thing I did when searching for my family’s last TV was to jump online and start searching the various models and sizes available. It was Christmas time of 2011 and I wanted to find the best product at the most competitive prices.

With a family of and 4 and 3 televisions that we were looking to purchase, I wanted to make sure that there were no stones unturned. After about three nights of searching different websites, between, my wife, sister- in-law and myself, we narrowed it down to one 55 “TV for the family room, and two 22” TV’s for the kid’s bedroom.

We dedicated a budget for these TV’s for just under a few thousand dollars, and were determined to stay with in that price range. After comparing and pricing we decided on The New LG TV.

After lots of research we discovered that there were all types of LG TV’s. Including the cinema 3D Smart TV with the motion remote, which would have considered the top of the line model.

We checked out a beautiful LG OLED TV that has a beautiful glass panel that you can wipe down. I would think this would especially be popular with family’s with small children. It sure is a nice looking TV.

This popular brand of televisions come from southern Korea and has turned many TV lovers into raving fans.

These TV’s were the most attractive looking, along with the best comparable prices we felt for the money we wanted to spend. We checked out a review for each TV we purchased and compared similar TV’s for the price.

We always ended up coming back to the LG TV. After 3 months of watching our New LG TV we came to the conclusion that we were right on track with our new purchase and that the time and dedication we put in to reviewing the TV’s was well worth it.

The one draw back is now now can not get our 12 yr old son to leave his room due to the fact that he thinks he is in heaven to be able to play his PS3 on his new flat screen 22 “.

Also, our daughter finds her new hobby of watching her favorite movie The Lorax, on her new 22 ‘LG TV, the best thing since her other favorite movie wild child came out.

So, if you’re looking for a TV that meets good value for a price that’s worth the product, we have found the New LG TV to be the top dog on the block.

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