No matter how easy you may think it is to “see” the sun, given it is highly visible during the daytime, to really “observe” it takes special equipment. For this, a solar telescope is the instrument of choice for solar viewing. Professional observatories employing massive solar telescopes are found all over the world, utilizing giant, often underground telescopes, with one-half to one-meter diameter telescopes being not uncommon.

However, for the amateur solar observer, a smaller, more convenient telescope is preferable. For those consumers wanting their own, personal telescope to view the sun in an affordable, easily accessible manner. For the best, most affordable solar viewing experience, we recommend the Coronado PST Double Stack solar telescope.


This affordable, individualized telescope combines the larger solar observing telescopes’ technology with the convenience of using it at home. The expense of sub-angstrom H-alpha solar viewing telescope systems had rendered them impractical for the home-user. Temperature fluctuations and F-Ratio demands make other solar telescopes inconvenient and awkward for amateur astronomers. In the Coronado PST Double Stack solar telescope design, however, they have overcome these prohibitive characteristics, and offer you a bandpass of less than 0.5 Angstrom in a thermally stable, and easily operational viewing system. The ease of use continues with an operational start up that merely entails inserting the eyepiece and rectifying the focus. The amateur solar observer now hast he ability to conveniently set up their own personal solar telescope with minimal effort and maximum return. The Coronado has been reconfigured to escalate the contrast, and brightness.


The Coronado PST Double Stack comes standard with a Kellner eyepiece, which is a 3-lens design. This configuration rectifies the residual transverse chromatic aberration. The Kellner eyepiece is a perfect match for the Double Stack, as it is a very workable, affordable option for small to medium aperture solar viewing telescopes. The telescope has a 40mm aperture to expand the light collecting power and augment the resolution, and 400mm focal length, offering a fine viewing experience.

What You Can View With This Telescope

Solar telescopes offer the solar observer the chance to witness a plethora of solar activity. The Coronado PST Double Stack solar telescope offers you a view into another world. The Coronado telescope is designed to capture the H-Alpha wavelength for maximum access to viewing the sun’s activity. Solar prominences, flares, solar corona, and various other solar occurrences become visible through the PST. Using the h-alpha technology, the surface of the sun becomes highly visible in luminescent facets, and you will be able to see solar ridges and chromosphere, along with active regions, plaques, granulation, surface details, flares, and filaments. The entire sun becomes alive and available to your eye, under the h-alpha filter, safely and in an affordable way. The sun, in all its shining glory, opens up before your eyes with a personal telescope from Coronado. What was once only visible using large, scientific equipment housed in universities or observatories, or with primitive attempts such as pinholes in paper, is now accessible and affordable to the home solar observer.



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