With the price of LCD, Plasma, and other Flat Screen televisions falling over the past year, just about everyone is looking to upgrade their old and antiquated Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) based TV. The migration to High Definition Television (HDTV) has also motivated customers into making the plunge into the world of LCD and Plasma TVs – as these televisions display a picture that does not suffer from the typical “snow” and “ghosting” effects that were commonplace with older, analog TVs.

One of the areas that has received little attention or mixed advice is how to protect your new LCD, Plasma, or Flat Screen TV from the effects of dust, fingerprints, and other potentially damaging contaminants that can ruin your TV investment. The easiest way to keep your TV investment as new as the day that you purchased your television is to use one of the many TV dust covers that can be found today in the retail marketplace.

The first option that a customer has is to use one of the plastic or vinyl based TV dust covers. These covers are usually made out of “marine grade vinyl” that are commonly used to make seat covers for boats that are exposed to moisture and humidity. Unfortunately, these products have a damaging effect to the specially coated optical screens that are used in all LCD, Plasma, and Flat Screens sold. Scratches, screen marring, and abrasions are common results when using these types of TV dust covers. These materials are better off used to protect your Bar-B-Q or hot tub, but not a high dollar piece of technology.

The second option that is available to customers is one of the cheap, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic dust covers. PVC dust covers are also notorious for damaging delicate TV screens, as they are inherently stiff and unforgiving when rubbing against delicate screens.

The final option is to use a TV Dust Cover that is comprised out of Microfiber. Microfiber fabrics are designed to not only clean sensitive optics such as camera lenses, sunglasses, glass, and mirrors, but also provide protection when used as a dust cover. Microfiber has proven itself to be the supreme material for the use as a TV Dust Cover, as the Microfiber does not scratch, leave residues, or otherwise damage optically clear TV screens.

In conclusion, customers have a choice in how to protect their TV investment. The choice is clear – Microfiber is the best option for the use as a TV Dust Cover.



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