Since they are yet to develop a game system that will actually tell you what is wrong when something malfunctions, you have to contend with lights. There are specific colored lights on a PS3 including red, green and yellow. Each light and its prescribed blinking status and the particular model can indicate different issues with the PlayStation 3. Sounds confusing doesn’t it? You have to wonder if the lights and their meanings are not meant to be a deterrent to fixing your PS3 at home.

The PS3 blinking red light generally indicates a heat issue. Inside of the unit is getting too hot and as a safety measure, the unit will shut off and begin flashing a red light. Of course, a red blinking light can also be a weak connection inside the system, which occurs because heat has melted the solder holding them in place.

You have two choices at this point, you can send your game system to Sony for repairs, and pay the extra charges, if you are outside the warranty or you can attempt to fix the unit yourself. Many people prefer to try the latter because either they cannot afford the Sony tech charges or they are not sure that they will receive their system back. This is especially true for owners of the very few models that were backwards compatible with the PS2. If you have one of these game systems, you are unlucky indeed, as they are no longer making them compatible.

If you think, you are incapable of working on and fixing your PS3 blinking red light problem you should know that a middle-aged mom with little technical ability fixed her game system in just a few hours. This is not rocket science my friend, but it does require a little practical understanding.



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