One can encounter various error codes on a PS3. Initially, there was no solution to these problems. With time, the manufacturer has found solutions to most of these errors. Now, you don’t have to go to any repair shop to get rid of your errors. There are now precise solutions for specific error codes.

Some solutions to some of the most encountered errors are as follows

PS3 Error code 80010514

This is a problem that PS3 encounters while reading blue ray discs. This problem is usually related to the hard drive. Initially, you should try removing and reinserting the hard drive three or four times. If this error code does not go away, your PS3 might be overheated. Turn off your PS3 for half an hour. Make sure that your audio and visual ports are connected properly before restarting it.

PS3 Error code 80710723

This PS3 error code is due to a possible port error. You might also be facing this error due to a network or router error. A slow internet speed might be causing the problem. It is advisable to contact your internet service provider.

PS3 Error 80710102

80710102 error code occurs when there is a problem with internet settings. This error does not allow you to download files, or even play games on the PS3. It may be a fault of your ISP network. If that is not the case, then you should revisit your internet settings to check whether you made any mistakes in your internet settings.

For the right network settings, you need to:

– Go to network settings under the general option of setting

– Go to internet settings

– A small window will open up with a YES/NO prompt. Select YES

– Select custom for wireless connection and auto detect for wired connection

– Select ‘automatic’ for IP address

– Set DNS setting to ‘Manual’

– Enter in your primary DNS and for secondary DNS

– Place MTU on Automatic

– Select ‘Do not use’ on your proxy server

– Enable uPnP

– Save the setting by pressing X twice

PS3 Error 80710092

This error code usually occurs while streaming a movie or a video. Like the previous errors, this error occurs due to internet connection problems. This error will prevent you from signing in, accessing account settings or connecting to an account online. To solve this problem, first go to Network. Now select the ‘internet browser’ and try to access any website and also check whether your internet cable is connected properly. If you are not able to open any website, then there is a problem with your ISP Network.

PS3 Error 80130182

If you get this error code, it means that your PS3 cannot connect to the internet. Make sure that your internet connections are properly coupled. Also, try rebooting your console.

PS3 Error 8001002b

If 8001002b error code occurs, then your console is having problems picking up data from external devices. You might have a problem with your USB or media card. Remove the device and reinsert it in to the port. If this does not work, try a different external storage device. In case the other device fails too, there might be a problem with your console.

PS3 Error 8071

This error code occurs when multiple messages start flashing on your screen. This means that your PS3 is detecting multiple errors. It usually occurs when you are playing a relatively popular game. This problem may have been caused by a faulty HDD. Unplug the entire console for a couple of minutes, allow your PS3 to cool off. Check your internet connection. Use a laptop to see whether your internet is working or not. If it is, then reconnect your PS3. Hopefully, your problem will be solved by then.

These were some common error codes on PS3. If you follow these guidelines, you will easily get rid of these errors and you can enjoy playing games without any unwanted interruption.



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