Nobody wants to think that someone will break into their house, but unfortunately it is an evil that we must deal with in the world. After selling many homes, there are certain things that I have learned as a Boca Raton Realtor that every homeowner should know that are relatively easy and inexpensive to keep your family and its valuables safe from intruders.

Secure All Doors and Windows

This seems simple enough, but the number one rule to help avoid break-ins is to make sure and lock your home’s door and windows! Most burglaries happen when homeowners go out for just a little while and don’t feel as though they need to lock up. Also, push button locks are easy for burglars to pick, so make sure that your outside doors use deadbolt locks. Make sure to also keep your garage door closed and locked as burglars often look to them to gain entrance to your home. In addition, place special attention to sliding glass doors as they allow for easy access. There are security measures that you can obtain to prevent thieves from entering through these types of entryways.

If You Go Away, Don’t Let Burglars Know

Many burglars look for signs of an unattended house when they are choosing where to rob, so don’t make their job any easier for them. First off, make sure that your lawn is mowed before you leave. Many times an unattended lawn is a sure sign for thieves to strike. Next, do not allow newspapers, flyers or mail to pile up where it can be seen by outsiders. Either have the post office hold your mail, your Realtor or have a neighbor pick it up for you. Have automatic lights that are set to timers. A dark home is another major sign that a homeowner is absent, so make sure that you have adequate lighting that runs on timers and motion sensors.

Get an Alarm

This seems very obvious, but many break-ins are the result of a lack of an alarm system in a house or even worse, one where the homeowner forgot to set it. If you are away, activate the interior motion sensors and if you are home, make sure all of the windows and doors are securely closed when you set it. Ask your Realtor if they can refer you a reputable company.

The Other Little Tips

Here are a few other little tricks that this Realtor suggests that will make it more difficult for thieves to break into your home and enhance your home security: Make sure all of your door hinges are on the inside, make sure that your shrubs are trimmed so that potential perpetrators will not have any cover to hide, when moving into a new home, make sure to have all of the locks changed and lastly, do not try to save money when it comes to locks. Many of the best locks are also the most expensive locks.

If Your Home is Broken Into:

If you happen to come home to an unexplained broken or open window or door do not enter the house. If you see this, there is a good chance that the burglar may still be inside. Use your cell phone or your neighbor’s house phone to call the police immediately. Make sure that while you are waiting for them that you do not touch anything or attempt to clean up. Last, make sure to write down the license plate of any suspicious looking vehicles in the neighborhood or suspicious looking people.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be sure to avoid being a target by any sort of thieves or vandals that may want to invade your residence. Home security is vital for every family, so do not take it lightly.

Pamela Stolle is a Boca Raton Realtor



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