Repairing the Xbox 360 E79 Error-using the many step by step guides


Has your Xbox 360 console encountered the E79 error? Would you like to know how to fix this problem? Well there are currently two ways that you can do this. The first option that you can take is to send your console in to Microsoft so that they can fix the issue, or you can fix it yourself using the many step by step guides available on the internet.

Sending the Console In to Microsoft

If you’re keen on getting your console repaired, then you can send it in to Microsoft. This might sound like the most logical position to take, considering. But there are a number of disadvantages that you must also be aware of.

If you send your console in to Microsoft, you may be made to pay $150 upfront. However, this fee is only for those whose warranty has expired. The repair time, from the moment you send the console into them can fluctuate greatly. Anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks is a reality if you go the Microsoft route.

Fixing Your Xbox 360 79 Error Yourself

This is probably the better of the two options. Because it’s fast and cheap by comparison; providing you use one of the many repair guides out there, it should be a relatively easy fix. If you’re interested in fixing the console yourself, then I recommend you don’t do it without a suitable repair guide. There are many step by step repair guides available on the internet all it takes is a simple search on Google.


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