Do not let the name "spy" scare you when you're looking for personal or business security options. For as long as James Bond has been around people from all over the world are intrigued and enthused with spy gear and spy gadgets of any kind. In the 1980's and 1990's, The Sharper Image chain of retail stores made millions with their high-tech gadgets and widgets. Patrons of all ages and backgrounds filled their store and wandered about in amazement at the many trinkets and electronic devices that filled their shelves. Many of those gadgets were indeed spy gadgets and mini cameras that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Today, many years later, there are literally thousands of spy cameras on the open market just waiting to find their way into your home or office. I strongly urge you to embrace this technology with open arms and use only the highest of security options when protecting your home or business. Keep in mind, that although somewhat pricey, security or spy cameras quickly pay for themselves the first time that you get the evidence you need.

Criminals know what standard security cameras look like and they can see the areas that the cameras are covering. But a spy security camera can come in many shapes and forms; they change rapidly as the market demands and they can be hidden in any object. There are hidden cameras that look like standard wall clocks, clock radios or alarm clocks, house plants, mirrors, computer speakers, digital picture frames, air fresheners or air purifiers, and countless other normal objects. Rathermore, some spy cameras have lenses that are only as big as any given letter on this page. Quite simply put, if a criminal can not see a security camera, then they can not disable or destroy the security camera.

There have been many stories on the news lately where common citizens had been robbed once or twice before buying their own spy cameras. CNN reported about a lady from Florida that had to commute to a different city for work each day. This one particular day she just had a bad feeling that something was not right. So she used her desktop computer at work to log into her spy camera back at home through a basic Internet connection. She was surprised to see her house getting robbed right before her eyes. She was able to call 911 and up to 18 police officers were there in minutes to catch the criminals. The video is dramatic, live, and totally solidifies the priceless value of a properly used security camera. How much did her camera cost? I really do not think she cares. Do you?

Again, do not let the James Bond technology fool you. Most hidden cameras are incredibly easy to use. Some models allow you to see your video from any computer in the world with an Internet connection. This means you can check on the kids while you are away at work, you can see what your employees are doing on your day off, and you can even check up on your pets while you're away on vacation or out for the weekend. Other models are all inclusive, meaning that they require no other devices or bulky cables whatever. They see and record video into the built in digital video recorder (DVR), and you can quickly check the video at a time of your choosing by connecting the camera to your TV or by taking the SD Memory Card out and inserting it into your computer .

If you've ever wondered about the security of your home or office in any way, then get the peace of mind you deserve and take an educated look at the many hidden spy camera options on the market today.



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