When I was a child a lego set was a pretty crude bunch of building blocks that were slightly cooler than lincoln logs but not quite as cool as Atari. In the years that have followed, depending on your taste in toys, that has changed significantly.

After years of declining revenues and operating profits the Lego company decided that they needed to revise their business model and bring some new excitement into the Lego lineup. They decided to accomplish this by partnering up with one of the most popular franchises in history and that being Star Wars.

Thus was born the Star Wars Lego Sets.

No other franchise has enjoyed as much success and is as popular as Star Wars. This was a great move on Legos part as they now enjoyed an incredible lift in sales due to the popularity of Star Wars collectibles. Legos aren’t just toys anymore but rather they are very high finely crafted and intricate collectible pieces that would make any collector proud to own.

I have spent a few hours perusing the selection of Star Wars legos and what I found was incredible. Yuo can find literally anything from the Star Wars series recreated as a Lego set. If you fancy a very intricately detailed Millennium Falcon Lego Set then it can be had, an Imperial Cruiser Lego Set then it too can be had. Maybe you are more of a Death Star Lego Set kind of guy or possibly an X-Wing fighter Lego kit aficionado, it doesn’t matter because they are ALL available.

The detailing and craftsmanship on these sets is awesome and will not only give you hours of enjoyment once you have it built but are sure to be a load of fun to build. These would make a great father/son project so consider going old school when you are looking for the next gift for your little loved one.

If you’ve ever sat and wondered whatever happened to those Legos from your childhood, they joined forces with another blockbuster from your childhood and together they are going to be around for generations to come.



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