Getting what you expect from a purchase is the ideal setup, getting more out of your expectations gives you a great product, but getting so much more from the product and purchasing it with a very low price is a fantastic deal and a superb bargain, this is what the Swissetec M2237C provides for you. Purchasing an LCD TV nowdays can be quite confusing. You get to be confused with the different details that they boast of and any of them may not even matter. For many consumers, getting an LCD TV with fantastic quality without the hefty price tag is all they want. Why shell out hundreds of dollars more for features you will not even use?

The Swisstec M2237C is a bargain LCD TV that features an integrated DVD player. And with a low purchase price you would be amazed at the quality that it comes with. It is also a very versatile LCD unit that can be used for a multitude of applications. First it is a 22 inch LCD TV with a widescreen display with a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

To allow you to use the Swissetec M2237C with a number of video sources, you get basic connectivity options that include the all important HDMI port, a SCART input, Component and Composite video, and PC input. So this means that you will be able to connect at least 5 video sources at the same time. Imagine having the ability to connect all 5 at once and never have to connect and disconnect anything to use another.

And because it’s a 22 inch HD LCD TV, it is very portable and can be used for any room, although it is far more better to use it for small rooms like your child’s bedroom, or even in the kitchen. Just pop in your favorite cooking DVD and simultaneously prepare your meals for a great dinner or lunch. The Swisstec M2237C measures only 530mm, 436mm, and 205 mm, in weight, height, and depth, and is also very lightweight. So this means that it is very portable and easy to install. You may choose to set it up on a desk or any steady flat surface or you can opt to have it mounted on a wall using wall brackets.

The Swisstec M2237C is also a very attractive and appealing LCD TV so it’s a great addition to a room not only for its capability for providing quality entertainment and viewing pleasure, but also as an aesthetic enhancer. It looks sleek and sexy with its glossy black finish that is standard to many LCD TVs nowdays.

While it may not have the specifications that most manufacturers can provide for their products, keep in mind that with its relatively small size, you will not need much technology to provide it with great quality. And also remember that it has a very low price tag and a plethora of features to boot. This is indeed a great bargain for anyone to pass up.



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