"If you can sit, you can get fit" is one of the many claims that the Hawaii Chair infomercials have made. The fact that there have been a lot of these products sold in the US tells me that American consumers are either extremely desperate, or just do not understand how fat loss works.

This Is Not Magic

Are we that naïve into allowing yet another infomercial "ab product" to somehow magically give us six-pack abs and a great body without any work? There is more to great abs than just relying on yet another bogus product. Once you understand that you do not need the Hawaii Chair workout machine to get great abs and a better body, you will no longer waste any more time and money on other countless and ineffective fitness products. Discipline and hard work will transform your body, not sitting on a chair!

So What Is The Hawaii Chair Workout?

"It takes the work out of workout" is the basic idea behind the Hawaii Chair. By turning on the chair, the seat spins around in a circular fashion. The chair will supposedly do the "work" while you sit on it. The idea of ​​sitting on the chair for a long period of time will work the core and body comparable to a cardio and abdominal workout. The infomercials also claim that you can use it virtually anywhere. You can sit on the chair while using the phone, surfing the internet, at the office, or reading a book. The problem is that it is not a realistic option. Sitting on it for only a few seconds will prove otherwise. There is simply no way that you can do any of the tasks sitting on the chair without getting annoyed or frustrated.

A Six Pack Can Be Accomplished Without A Product

You do not need any fancy equipment or expensive gadgets to lose fat and sculpt great abs. Your eating habits contribute way more to revealing your abdominals than actually working out. If you want great looking abs you need to shed the fat that blurs your definition. An extremely effective way to losing fat fast is by cutting back on the junk and implement intermittent fasting. Intermittent fast is a very healthy and beneficial way in creating a huge calorie deficiency. Fasting 1-2 times a week with a combination of strength training and high intensity interval training will melt body fat like crazy.

Planks And Leg Raises For Great Abs

Planks are a foundational exercise to a sculpted midsection. Planks are very effective and will not add bulk to your abs like weighed ab machines. The second exercise is hanging leg raises. The lower abs are typically the hardest to train so this is where hanging leg rises will do the trick. This exercise will really blast the lower abs and will give you that sleek "V" between your pelvis. Here is a great ab routine that will blow away any ab product.

1) Planks – Hold for 2 minutes, 2-3 sets

2) Hanging Stiff Leg Raises – 15 reps, 2-3 sets

3) Hanging Bent Knee Raises – 15 reps, 2-3 sets

Use these exercises 3-4 times a week and you will be able to achieve greater results than what a Hawaii Chair workout machine could ever bring to the table.



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