The more you get into studying the night sky, the more you want to upgrade your equipment to have more of the universe opened up to you. If you have ever looked up into the night sky and wanted to see more, the Meade LX90-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope is for you. In these days of high technology, there is a tendency for the consumer to want the very best; they also have a tendency to get it. Introducing one of the finest telescopes you can use to view the universe, the Meade LX90-ACF.

Meade’s advanced coma-free optical system has everything the S.C. models have plus more. This optic advanced telescope design shows you a flat image contrasting a finely detailed background that shows a wide view of detailed images, filling up all the viewing space with crisp clear information gathering detail. Anyone into astro-imaging or anyone trying to find objects worth studying in the night sky, whether for their enjoyment or data gathering and recording, needs the Meade LX90-ACF, a coma-free telescope that’s got a lot more bang for the buck.

The advanced coma-free optics of the Meade LX90-ACF 10″ telescope offers you a view of far off objects, such as planets or stars, without the blur you would see on especially far objects. This technology is really worth looking at. This telescope includes 254 mm of clear aperture, 2540 mm focal length, and something you won’t find in every telescope out there, Meade’s UHTC high transmission coatings that clarify objects in faraway view and bring the Universe’s wonders to you.

Advanced coma-free offers you images that are more two dimensional with detail and clarity from one side of the view to the other. Watch out, Ritchey-Cretien, because Meade offers one of the best quality views for a remarkable price that other companies may not be able to offer. The Meade 10″ LX90-ACF telescope fights astigmatism and does away with diffraction spikes altogether, a true advancement in the science of telescopes, especially for something so affordable. These optics remind one of what you’d see in an observatory, and can rival anything in its class, so even astro-imaging is not out of reach for anyone who seriously pursues the science.

The Meade 10″ LX90 watches the night sky, but under the surface it is doing a whole lot more. A built in Sony GPS sensor gathers data like date, time and coordinates, whenever it’s activated, and Meade’s Auto Align technology takes control of the telescope and focuses automatically on preset star alignments, offering you a guided tour of the constellations scientists and laymen have been admiring and gathering data on for thousands of years. The Easy Align feature on the Meade 10″ LX90 smart scopes make it simple to fine-tune the telescope by just centering the scope on a certain two stars and letting the scope’s pre-settings do the rest.

The oversized primary mirror is unique to Meade, and it offers a 1/4″ wider image, filled with rich light collected from the superior mirroring. An eight by fifty viewfinder is smart enough also to aid you in tracking down certain objects in the sky you want to see, saving time for the professional and helping the amateur into a new and faster experience. A slew speed of seven degrees per second gives Meade the edge on other telescopes, all of which are half that fast. The Meade LX90 shows you much more in a night of viewing than other brands. The LX200 series tripod is adjustable and is safe and sturdy for even the most rigorous conditions. The Meade LX90 10″ is truly a superior experience in studying the night sky, or anything else you want to point it at.



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