If you are looking for an economical telescope that delivers a fine picture then the Meade LT might be the telescope you’ve been wanting. The Meade LT has some of the same basic features as more expensive telescopes. It has Go To capabilities, a great optical system, and a mechanical setup that drives it to first place in the world of telescope reviews.

The two telescopes included in the Meade LT series are the Meade LT-6 ACF and the Meade LT-8 ACF. Both boast of state of the art optical systems and a mechanical support system second to none. Both also come with interesting multi-functional controllers that have many uses. The LT-6 and LT-8 both are built tough, durable enough to last many nights in the hot or cold weather. As can be inferred by the model numbers, these two LT telescopes differ from each other in only one area. One has a six inch aperture and the other an eight inch aperture.

The Meade LT Series telescopes have optical systems that cannot be outdone at anywhere near the price Meade sells them for. Part of this optical system is the advanced coma-free optics Meade incorporates in many of their telescopes. The advanced coma-free optics gets rid of that nasty distortion that can ruin an otherwise pleasant night of viewing. No more distortion in the image is tolerated, only precision optics. Even the edge of the field of view will have tremendous clarity. Try getting all that in a telescope that costs anywhere near what the LT Series telescopes cost.

It is no secret that Meade is the leader when it comes to creating and manufacturing optical systems for its telescopes. They have been experimenting with such things for the past couple of decades. Meade believes the heartbeat of every telescope lies in its optical system. If you fail in creating and assembling the optics, you have failed. If you match Meade’s advanced coma-free optics alongside the Ritchey-Chretien optics you see very little difference in quality but a profound difference in price. The Meade LT telescopes give a comparable performance at a fraction of the cost.

For a controller Meade added into the LT series of telescopes the AutoStar system. This controller has astounding capabilities. It has around thirty-thousand objects in its database. These are planets, stars or other sights you might want to look at. And this telescope with little trouble will take you to see whichever of these sights you want to see. All you have to do is go through a simple alignment process and the Meade LT Series telescope will take you on a guided tour of planets, nebulae, distant galaxies, asteroids, comets, and even the satellites that orbit our world. You can even view the international space station on this tour.

The LT Series telescope has its own special website where software can be downloaded for upgrading your telescope. It is not mandatory, but replacing the operating system of an old telescope with new programing is beneficial. It has the effect of going out and buying a whole new telescope since all the software is new. This is an exciting time to own a good telescope. Check out the opportunities to learn more about the Meade LT Series telescope on the internet today.



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