Flyer printing continues to serve as the foundation for almost every comprehensive marketing campaign in the USA. As we all know, new innovations and technologies have provided business owners with a huge array of advertising opportunities. Now you can spend a few bucks and put your ads on Google, Facebook, or even launch mass emails to your database. But even with the growing number of marketing options, flyer printing remains the most common method of advertising, especially for small business owners. Why? Because when an advertising method works, it would be crazy not to use it. It’s coming down to a simple question, “What generates the most ROI per dollar space?” In most cases, flyers with coupons are the answer.

Creating an attractive flyer that captivates and motives potential customers, requires more than just a good offer. In fact, most successful flyers are the result of vast industry knowledge, years of experience, and amazing graphic design work. The design of the flyer has to be perfect, and if you choose to start with a template, you must synchronize your design, offer, and theme to generate the most compelling message possible. If you can afford it, work with a design agency or printing company who can create your flyer from scratch – to get a fully optimized result.

As a starting point, think about the pizza flyers used by the big chains (you get them in the mail, see them in the newspaper, and usually get one on top of your pizza box). They all contain beautiful food photography, specific color combinations, and coupons that offer customers a reason to order “right now.” In most cases, every aspect of the flyer is geared towards convincing the reader that they are hungry, ready to order food, and receiving a great deal that saves money.

Pretty smart, right?

If you decide to create your own design for the flyers, then you need to think carefully about what you are doing. Only a properly designed flyer will pay off, and if you are not 100% confident in your abilities, you should seriously consider starting with a professionally-designed template at the very least. If you feel that you require professional design assistance, you can hire expert professional help from most flyer printing companies at a discounted rate (if you order the printing from them as well). Search online for cheap flyer printing , once you find a great printing rate, move forward with your design and print order.

The last, but most important part printing flyers is to find an experienced, and helpful printing company. By printing in bulk, you can save hundreds of dollars and obtain “commercial quality” results on glossy full-color paper. For example, a simple online search reveals that you can obtain 10,000 full-color, glossy flyers for only $ 395.00 – an incredibly low rate compared to prices at small print shops in most areas.

Follow these suggestions and you will create highly-effective flyers, designed to sell!



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