Global warming, air pollution, depletion of fossil fuels – these are all serious topics that humankind must address if we are to survive. Fortunately, solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that will last for thousands of years.

Fun Fact # 1 About Solar Energy

When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, its solar radiation is reduced by 23% due to reflection and absorption that occurs as the sunlight passes through layers of the atmosphere. Dust, clouds, and air pollutants all inhibit the ability of sunlight to provide solar energy power.

Fun Fact # 2 About Solar Energy

As the sun reaches the surface of the earth, it is absorbed by the earth's oceans, plants, and lands. The heat of the sun that the oceans absorbs is responsible for the ocean currents.

Fun Fact # 3 About Solar Energy

Plants convert solar energy to create fuel through a process known as photosynthesis. Fossil fuels, trees, and plants are all fueled by photosynthesis.

Fun Fact # 4 About Solar Energy

Solar panels that convert sunlight to electricity typically convert 15% of sunlight into electricity on average.

Fun Fact # 5 About Solar Energy

Solar thermal energy does not involve electricity. With solar thermal energy, the sun's radiant heat rises the temperature of water traveling inside tubes. The hot water inside the tubes is used to heat water in water heaters and to heat the air through radiant heat systems.

Fun Fact # 6 About Solar Energy

European farmers during the middle ages knew about the importance of harnessing the power of the sun. They directed their fields and used innovative thermal mass practices to increase the amount of solar power in their fields.

Fun Fact # 7 About Solar Energy

Architects can plan the way a building is sited, its windows, and its materials so that the sun provides most of the building's light and heat.

Fun Fact # 8 About Solar Energy

Hollywood celebrities love solar energy. Among the stars who use solar energy in their homes are Ed Begley, Jr .; Cheryl Tiegs; Jackson Browne; Bill Nye (the "science guy"), Larry Hagman, Don Cheadle, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Daryl Hannah, Carlos Santana, Alicia Silverstone, Robin Williams, and Edward Norton.

Fun Fact # 9 About Solar Energy

There is enough sunshine on the surface of the earth every hour to meet all the energy demands of the entire world for one full year.

Fun Fact # 10 About Solar Energy

Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize in 1921 for his work with photovoltaic solar cells and solar energy.

So, you see, solar energy is not all work and no play. I hope you have enjoyed reading these fun facts about solar energy.



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