In these latter years netbooks became more and more popular because of numerous reasons. Their weight, price, comfort and other characteristics were acceptable for many people. Netbook features improved rapidly and soon netbook with convertible touch screen was released. Since Asus Eee Pc T91 touchscreen netbook was presented in 2009, more netbooks with such novelty appeared on the market. Where and why netbook with swivel display can be useful? That could reveal three life activities.

1. Everyday use. Touchscreen netbook can be used as a regular one with keyboard or converted to tablet computer. This tablet computer’s feature can be convenient outside. Sometimes it is difficult to find smooth surface for portable computer when we are away from home. Support for it becomes often our knees but after a while this position becomes not very comfortable. For convenience, if you do not need keyboard, you can convert touchscreen netbook to tablet computer and perform other tasks using touch display: to read e-book or browse internet. One of the most apparent touchscreen netbook’s advantage is its size and weight too. Alike other netbooks, average touch netbook weights 4-5 pounds, battery lasts 5-11 hours and has 8.9 or 10.1 inch screen. Therefore, convertible tablet netbook is easy to carry and fits to many bags.

2. Travel. It is useful to have internet connection on the way: check your e-mail, read news, communicate online and perform other similar tasks. If you use convertible touch netbook while you travel, you do not need to worry about safety of your important documents because you can leave them on laptop or desktop computer at home. Touchscreen netbooks like regular ones are made basically for simple computer tasks those do not require much computer power. Convertible netbook’s feature to view and edit pictures can be convenient in travel and reduce capacity of your digital camera memory card. Different touch netbooks have slightly different screen sensitivity (multi and single touch). On this touch netbook feature depends how easily you can navigate touch netbook’s screen, including photos edit. However, because of screen peculiarity, greater touch netbooks protection from dust is a must.

3. School/work. If you prepare for presentation with group of schoolmates or colleagues, netbook with touch screen can be useful too. You can convert light touch netbook to tablet computer and show your work progress, discuss it. For this purpose you can use your fingers or stylus. This tablet computer can bring convenience and greater interest in task you prepare.

Because of hardware peculiarities, touchscreen netbook is not so powerful and fast as notebook computer is. However, if you do not watch movies or play computer games on the beach and you do not mind small computer screen, touchscreen netbook can be right for you. It could bring new small computer’s use experience and be light alternative to your notebook when you’re not at home.

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