Fixing the "Red Ring of Death"

If you ever get three red lights around the Xbox 360 power button, that's the "Red Ring of Death (or" Red Lights of Death "), instead of the normal green lights. have experienced warning signs including freeze-ups, graphical problems while playing or sound errors.

Possible Causes

One possible causes of the E74 General Hardware Error might be extended periods of high temperature inside the console which could lead to air bubbles (voids) which eventually causing cracking of the weak spots in the solder known as cold solder joints.

How to prevent RROD

Since overheating seems to be the cause, avoid covering up or obstructive the air flow in the consoles vents or power supply. Newer models of the 360 ​​Elites and Premiums have larger heatsinks but are still ahead to overheating. Also, keeping your Xbox flat, as opposed to standing up, will expose the console to more airflow.

Some third party manufacturers sell external cooling devices that mount on the console claim to help prevent overheating. Some reports, however, say that they do exactly the opposite and may void the warranty by melting on the console damaging the microprocessors, or overheating the power brick if powered by the 360. Use third party cooling devices that use their own power source.

Do not, I repeat, do not use the so called "towel trick." If you wrap your console with a towel and force it overheat, thenby re-welding the weak sold joints, the console will eventually fail and be completely unfixable.


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