Although astronomy has become a common affair among scientists and adventurous humans, viewing of the sun and its characteristic features has not been common. The main reason for low number of people studying the sun is lack of instruments that can safely allow one to view the sun. Most traditional telescopes are not safe for studying the sun due to the sharp and sensitive rays of the sun; most of these telescopes are only suitable for viewing other heavenly bodies like the stars and moon at night. The problem of lack of appropriate telescopes has been eliminated with the manufacture of Coronado SolarMax 60, a solar scope with a rich view.

Features and Use of Coronado SolarMax 60 Double Stack Telescope

Coronado SolarMax 60 has a helical focus, which allows finger adjustments to get the most detailed view. With this feature, the astronomer is able to see even the smallest detail on the sun's surface.

It has an internal etalon that is tunable; this turnable etalon brings a high level performance than other telescopes. This turning system is one of its kinds and allows one to see greater details on the suns surface with enhanced views of prominences and flares. This feature is not available for commercial telescopes but Coronado SolarMax 60 has it, which makes it a unique tool for viewing heavenly bodies.

Coronado SolarMax 60 has Tmax adjustments. This eliminates secondary reflections for improved viewing. With reflections, one would not be able to get the required contrast and details. This feature enables one to get exceptional viewing of the sun.

The telescope comes with single or double stack option. The external etalon makes it possible for the double stack to tune the internal & external etalon. When both etalons are tuned, one is able to get even the smallest detail on the surface of the sun; those that would not be seen by use of traditional telescopes.

This telescope applies the use of blocking filter facility; it is placed just in front of focal plane. The differences between the different versions of Coronado SolarMax 60 are brought about by the differences in blocking filter. Some have a large blocking filter while others have a small one. The different blocking filterrings about differences in quality of sun's image seen from the telescope. The distance between the blocking filter and the focal plane also influences the quality of image seen as it brings about a difference in the amount of light passing from the sun to the telescope.

Who Should Use This Telescope?

Coronado SolarMax 60 is the most appropriate tool for scientists cum researchers, students of astronomy and adventurous independent people. Scientists would want to have accurate images for them to produce accurate results; Coronado SolarMax 60 gives them this ability. Students of astronomy would want to test cause-effect relationships; this will be through adjusting the distance of the blocking filter from the focal plane and changing changes on the image quality. Adventurous people would want an easy to use telescope that gives them finer details of the earth's surface.



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