As the Xbox became infamous for its red circle of death, PS3 has its own version of this fault. This technical fault in the latter is known as YLOD or the yellow light of death. Though the name sounds light-hearted, it is actually a grave hardware defect due to motherboard overheating. This problem may even arise from extreme cold, so cooling down the system is not always workable. The actual cause of YLOD is a part of motherboard being damaged by the cracking of the soldering. Fortunately, there is a method of fixing YLOD, which you can utilize yourself to get results in no time.

You may prefer getting the professional help from Sony specialists to get your PS3 ylod fixed, but this is not the only suitable option. You may find it easy to purchase a new motherboard, if you have hundreds of dollars to spare. But PS3 YLOD can be fixed without buying a new console. This means that you would also be saving the money you were going to spend on its repair at Sony. An issue with the users, who cannot live without their PS3s, is that if they send them to Sony for repair, they would have to wait for about 6 weeks before getting it back.

Instead of putting up with the wait and the payment, fix your PS3 problem yourself. There are various online programs that teach how to fix PS3 YLOD. This is confirmed by the people who have experienced success in fixing YLOD themselves. YouTube offers informative tutorials where you can view practical solutions. Also going through some repair manuals would help you filter out the methods. This is the most cost-friendly and hassle-free method of fixing your PS3 YLOD, and getting it back on the track.

Fingers crossed, your PS3 would not get plagued by YLOD. In case it does, get it fixed using PS3 repair guide, yourself. These solutions are affordable and would help you save the time Sony was going to waste in repairing your PS3.

So, you don’t want to wait to get your PS3 back or pay $150 to Sony? Need a step by step guide to fix it?

Download the amazing guide to fix your PS3: Rob Sheffield’s PS3 lights fix.



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